Friday, December 1, 2006

"Thank You" Lita

Just days before she walked into Survivor Series to defend her coveted Women’s Championship against Mickie James, Lita informed the world that this match would be her last. After seven successful and controversial years in WWE, Lita announced her retirement from sports-entertainment.

By Sunday night, before many WWE fans could even fully grasp the weight of Lita’s announcement, the match had come and gone. Lita was no longer Women’s Champion. No longer a WWE Diva. No longer side-by-side with World Tag Team Champion Edge.

Amid the fans in attendance in Philadelphia, sects of Lita loyalists in the Wachovia Center shared an emotional mantra: “Thank you, Lita!”

By the time the bell rang to signify the end of the match, it was clear that WWE would be missing a star.

“I’ll have a lot of memories with me and a lot of experiences with me but I’m ready to keep moving ahead,” Lita confessed. “I’ve been looking around the locker room and there aren’t many people left that were here when I started. It’s a sad time, but I know this is right.”

Even after Lita’s exhaustive post-loss in-ring tirade, it seemed her truest fans were present for the ex-Diva’s final WWE match. This augmented Lita’s strong sentiment for her supporters that have stuck by her through thick and thin, good times and bad.

Perhaps the greatest of her fans is the Rated-R Superstar, who lingered behind the curtain at the Wachovia Center during Lita’s championship defense. Once the defeated champion made her way out of the arena, the two stood together backstage for one last time.

“[Edge] is so close to me and he has heard me weigh out these options and talk about my feelings,” Lita said. “He is supportive and he understands my decision.”

Despite their deep bond, Lita candidly explained that her intentions to leave sports-entertainment began in mid-2005 with the onset of very personal issues involving Edge. When Lita’s relationship with the Rated-R Superstar became publicized and broadcast on WWE programming each week, the former Women’s Champion experienced a drastically sharp transformation.
From being verbally harassed by people in the street, to receiving hate mail and having objects thrown at her, Lita described the difficulty of balancing her emotions on a personal level with those cultivated within her career.

“It felt like even if I was walking the dog there was going to be someone yelling ‘You screwed Matt’ out the window,” she recalled. “It really took a toll on me; it affected every aspect of my life. Although that’s passed now, the weight of that situation stays with me every day.”

She added, “I feel like there is no way for me to escape the whole feeling that I have from being involved in such a public affair. There’s no other alternative for me than to walk away.”

By no means, however, does Lita have any regrets or ill-will towards her career. A four-time Women’s Champion and known for being in the first-ever women’s Steel Cage Match in WWE, Lita fought through multiple injuries to be able to claim her spot in sports-entertainment history.

“I’ve had an awesome career and I’m more confident in the ring today than I ever have been,” Lita claimed. “But, I’ve made my mark. There is no hidden meaning behind my leaving; this is just me needing to take a break.”

That break, Lita said, will be her opportunity for things she couldn’t otherwise do under the Superstars’ travel schedule. Outside the squared-circle, the former Women’s Champion is a songwriter and guitar and bass player for her band the Luchagors – whose shirt Lita wore in her final match at Survivor Series. In addition to devoting more time to her musical passion, the retiree plans to act in her friends’ theatrical productions.
“Now is the time to try new things for me, and to not regret things I didn’t do later on,” she said. “I’m just going to roll with it and see where this new direction in life takes me, and I’m open to whatever possibilities do or don’t come my way.”

Lita embarked upon her WWE journey in February 2000 and fought to continue it following a neck injury that required a 17-month absence from the ring. Now, she is eager for the rest of her life away from sports-entertainment. As she continued to coolly address the culmination of her career, Lita admitted that “never” doesn’t necessarily always mean “never” – especially in WWE.

“Coming in and showing a new Diva that she’s not hot stuff would be fun,” she mused. “I have the utmost respect for the amazing experiences I have had here and I am keeping the door open. I’ll figure that out when it comes.”
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Lita - A punk rock singer

Lita was featured in the 2001 video and DVD release Lita: It Just Feels Right. The video featured discussions of Lita's career to that point and ten of her matches.

Lita's autobiography, written with Michael Krugman, was titled Lita: A Less Traveled R.O.A.D. - The Reality of Amy Dumas and was published in 2003. The book, which was featured on the New York Times bestsellers list, covered topics such as her family, childhood years, wrestling career, relationship with Matt Hardy and her neck surgery and subsequent rehabilitation.

In the WWF, Lita originally used Essa Rios's entrance music when approaching the ring. When she parted ways with Essa, and before joining the Hardy Boyz, Lita used "Electron", a production theme that would later be used by Terri Runnels. She used this theme, along with that of the Hardy Boyz, until 2001, when she was given her own entrance music. The song, titled "It Just Feels Right", was composed by Jim Johnston and was featured on the 2001 CD release WWF The Music, Vol. 5. Lita was later given a new piece of entrance music based on Johnston's composition. The song, titled "Lovefurypassionenergy", was performed by Boy Hits Car and was featured on the 2002 CD release WWF Forceable Entry. In addition, Lita recorded a song titled "When I Get You Alone" that appeared on the WWE Originals album.

WWE Lita entrance video

This entrance video of Lita is from a WWE Video game I will post the orginal video later.

WWE Diva Lita Profile

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Name: Lita

Height: 5 foot 6
Weight: 135 pounds
From: Sanford, N.C.
Signature Move: Moonsault; DDT
Career Highlights: Women's Championship
Associates: Edge
WWE Debut: 2000
Trained By: Dory Funk Jr.
WWE Womens Championship won: 4
Lita is a 4-time Women's Champion. After her first reign ended in Oct. 2000, Lita chased the championship for over 4 years until defeating bitter rival Trish Stratus to reclaim the gold in 2004.
-8/21/2000, Monday Night RAW: def. Stephanie McMahon
-12/8/2004, Monday Night RAW: def. Trish Stratus
-8/14/2006, Monday Night RAW: def. Mickie James
-11/5/2006, Cyber Sunday: def. Mickie James in a tournament final

With her fiery red hair and trademark shoulder tattoo, Lita is recognized anywhere she goes, even if she is no longer embraced by the fans.

Once beloved by the fans for her extreme ways, Lita is now one of the most despised Divas in WWE. Aligned with Edge since May 2005, Lita no longer cares what the fans think of her, standing by the Rated R Superstar no matter what derogatory chants the fans send in her direction. Since hooking up with Edge, Lita has had no problem saying what’s on her mind or doing whatever it takes to help her man be successful, often finding herself in the midst of controversy as a result.

After a short stint in ECW, Lita made her WWE debut in 2000 alongside Essa Rios. She quickly led Rios to the Light Heavyweight Championship that February, but the pair split a few months later. Lita then hooked up with the Hardy Boyz, beginning a partnership that would last nearly five years.

Lita soon after went on to win the Women’s Championship from Stephanie McMahon in August 2000. Once losing the gold, Lita took on more of a managerial role for the Hardys while competing from time to time. It was here that the long and heated rivalry between Lita and Trish Stratus began, as the two first locked horns while Trish managed Test & Albert against Lita’s Hardy Boyz.
Trish & Lita would put aside their differences in July 2001 to defeat Stacy Keibler & Torrie Wilson in a Bra & Panties Match at InVasion. During this same time, Lita began dating Matt Hardy, who was having trouble with brother Jeff. Lita was at ringside for their match at Vengeance that December, but after Undertaker put all three of them out of commission, they returned stronger than ever at the 2002 Royal Rumble.
In March 2002, Lita was drafted to RAW as the brand’s No. 10 pick in the brand extension draft. Before she could make an impact, Lita suffered a severe neck injury while filming an episode of FOX’s Dark Angel. The injury required major neck surgery that put Lita out of action for a year and a half.

During her time away, Lita spent time as a commentator on both HEAT and Velocity. She returned to the ring in September 2003, once again siding with Trish to help her fend off Molly Holly & Gail Kim. Shortly after, Matt Hardy returned to RAW from SmackDown, but turned against Lita. Christian & Chris Jericho stepped in to help her, and a bizarre love scenario began between Lita, Trish, Christian and Jericho. This would become only be the first of many flare-ups in Lita’s turbulent love life.

Eventually, Trish would side with Christian and Lita with Jericho, and Lita and Trish were at odds once again. She became the object of Kane’s affection, bringing Matt Hardy back into her life once again. The two reconciled as the Big Red Monster continued to stalk Lita, and she agreed to something unknown to keep him from destroying Hardy. Finally, Lita announced that she was pregnant, but that knowledge that she was carrying Kane’s baby strained her relationship with Hardy once again.

Lita has been enjoying life as the girlfriend of WWE Champion Edge. They enjoy VIP treatment with champagne wherever they go and have even guest announced from their own Rated-R announce table. The couple has shown they will do whatever it takes to hang on to the WWE Championship and the lifestyle that they've grown accustom to. Even when Edge isn't fighting his biggest competition, John Cena, Lita is helping her man let Cena know he has his number.

Recently, Edge distracted John Cena in his match against Umaga allowing the Samoan Bulldozer to hit the Dr. of Thuganomics with the destructive Samoan Spike. The following week, Lita got Edge disqualified in his match against Cena by slapping the referee across the face. Cena may have gotten the win, but Lita made sure Edge was able to keep his championship. Since then, Lita and Edge have done whatever possible to keep Cena down.